RTI viewer for WordPress

Recently I developed a plugin for WordPress that embeds RTI data, currently using Polynomial Texture Maps (PTM). Plugin uses PTM Java viewer available from materialobjects.com

It uses WP shortcodes, so to embed your file just write:

[rti src="_filename.ptm_" width="_width_" height="_height_"]

Workflow to embed your file:

  1. upload your *.ptm file using WP media uploader or FTP
  2. add the shorcode (like example above) into you post or page
  3. edit the src-attribute – it needs to start from your web root. Also, define height and width. Code for example page  looks like that:
[rti src="wp-content/uploads/2014/01/KarulaPaar_540.ptm" width="540" height="360"]

Note: Java VM does not work with Chrome browsers, and can be quite a pain sometimes, so be patient.

  • Plugin was developed by Hembo Pagi
  • Get the plugin (install package includes the viewer’s Java file)